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Counseling Services

   Classroom Guidance
Once a month, we teach a Character Education lessons to each classroom. Topics can include Issues of Character, Bullying, Career Development, Manners, Friendship, and Problem Solving. Lessons usually includes literature that ties into a discussion about how that particular issue affects student lives. We usually follow-up with a game, drama, journal or art activity. Additional lessons on issues specific to certain classes (such as grief, cliques, or tolerance) may be scheduled as necessary.

Small Group Counseling
A small group is created to meet the needs of 3 to 10 students who share a similar situation. Common themes for groups are self-esteem, social skills, divorce, grief, anger management, making new friends, and dealing with family changes. Groups usually meet once a week for 30 minutes and generally last 6 weeks. Students are recommended for group counseling by teachers or  parents. 

Individual Counseling
We meet one-on-one with students in a crisis situation or when that is what is best for the student. Parents and teachers refer students, but students may also request to see a counselor.